Blank Canvas - Introducing Pistol Pace

08 June 15

My name is Pace aka Pistol Pace aka Pace the Barber, I'm an Aotearoa raised Filipino currently residing in Burn City, Australia. I rep Flesh Maze, Naacals and Royal Crown Barbers. To put it plain and simple, I'm just a Barber trying to do my best for the people that sit in my chair. 

What inspires you to create?: Just trying to be a better version of myself inspires me to create and develop. I always try and look internally for new ways of doing things but I also love taking inspiration from many different forms of influences, whether it be other barbers,artists or creatives.

The way I approach creation stems from that bboy mentality that was instilled in me early on in the game, cause that's how you express yourself and set yourself apart from the rest. You have to create to make your mark and leave a legacy.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?: There has been a few key challenges in my life that have been hard to overcome/handle, but all of them have been self inflicted.

Such as making the decision to leave a comfortable well paid corporate career to start from scratch financially and skill wise and become a barber, something that wasn't as well accepted or "popular" at the time.

I just got into it because the culture and lifestyle resonated with my interests, there was no hype around barbering or "cool factor" that it has at the moment. Going back to school with a bunch of kids 5-10 years younger than me was pretty tough but at the same time it was a good life lesson as it made me realize that I really wanted to do this, cause watching the kids be there just cause they had to made me realize I had the same mentality when I went to Uni and did Business.

The other big challenge was the first time I moved to Melbourne from Auckland, choosing to leave the comforts and lifestyle I had built for myself and try get busy in uncharted waters was daunting. Trying to find a place to live in a city I knew nothing about, having to put myself out there and try to make connections after years of just chillin with the usual gang, there were a lot of factors that made that experience a massive challenge.

But I was lucky to have ill G's looking out for me, My boy Yayo put me up for a month at his parents crib, they brought me in and looked after me like I was one of their own and having all the MOBB fam for support made life hella easy.

What's the last five songs played on your playlist?: Leon Bridges - Lisa Sawyer, Notorious BIG ft Sadat X - Come on, Frankie Cutlass ft Doo Wop, Evil Twins & Fat Joe - Boriquas on da set, Keys N Krates - All the time(Tove Lo Flip), Otis Redding - Try a little tenderness

If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be and why?: Personally there isn't one artist or creative that I would want to collaborate with solely. What I would like to do is collab with all the homies and extended homies within my melb fam and come together to present melbourne with a space that is a mixture of all our passions, one where we can mix music with art, barbering, breakin and so on.

Roll it into one creative space, not so much a store or retail space where our ideas and products are sold, but just an environment where we can build and further expand our ideas/visions.

What's the craziest situation you have found yourself in?:
There's been some pretty crazy times in my life some of them worth hearing in person, there's a hell of a lot of party stories that have eventful adventures to tell, much like everybody else.

But for me personally one of the craziest situations in my life was just being at work cutting a dude from Amercia's hair. It probably doesn't sound crazy to the people reading it but for me it was a trip. So just for a bit of backstory I started breaking well over 10 years ago right before the internet blew up and we still rocked dial up, so all the breaking footage that we got was all on a dubbed VHS tape passed on from other homies and we would get a lot of stuff from the states etc. My whole breaking life was constructed by looking up to all these different dancers and crews and being from New Zealand it was super rare to even imagine that I would meet any of these dudes let alone have a conversation with them.

So this brings me to present day to where I had Poe One (of Style Elements & Rock So Fresh) sitting in my chair for a fade, thinking back to when I was just a kid in High School practicing power moves on the grass to now chillin and conversing with a living legend like we were equals; this was and is still crazy to me.

What's next on the agenda?: The future me is fruitful. I plan on taking more time out to dedicate to my other passions such breakin and film making, also achieving a better balance of the mind, body & soul.

I've also started a small venture called Cuts @ the Crib which is me cutting outta home two sundays a month which is for friends and fam only.

As usual travel is on the agenda, this for me is a must and never stops.

What advice would you have given your younger self?: There really isn't much I would say to my younger self because I'm a firm believer in that everything that you do/experience makes us who we are and shapes the person we are. BUT if I had to say anything it would be to clue myself up on how hard my moms worked to put me through school, put food on the table and clothes on my back, cause back then I just took it all for granted like most kids. I think she needed more props from me back then and for me to work harder at school, as she was bustin her ass off paying them school fees!

The only other advice I would give myself would be that when James Brown plays a show, even if it is a seated show, just GO.

I missed out on seeing him play live in Auckland and a year later he passed away.

So open your eyes and grasp all opportunities that come your way.

 Support the homie and follow him Instagram. Also, mad love to Royal Crown Barbers

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